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Licking Before Pussy CreampieAfter a while, I heard Pam start to moan louder again and knew she was about to get off once more. When she kept peaked out I knew she hadn't cum but was so close. I almost could not control my own orgasm and almost came right there. That's when I heard Jim start to grunt and say he was cumming again and as he yelled I knew he was cumming deep inside Pam's pussy again. She really likes the feeling of a guy cumming inside her and I thought it was great that she got off so good with Jim.

A little while later, Jim came back out into the living room. He was all smiles but looked beat. He made a comment about how hot Pam was and that she wore him out. I commented that I was surprised he lasted as long as he did. That's when he had a confession to make. It seems that he had fantasized about Pam for some time and was fantasizing about her before he came over tonight and stroked himself thinking about her but didn't want to arrive smelling like cum so he figured he'd wait till he got back home tonight. It had been a long time since he'd had sex and needed that release bad. He never thought he'd actually get a chance to ever be with her.

Nasty Pussy CreampieI went back in the bedroom and Pam was lying stretched out on the bed. She looked sexier at that moment than ever. She was smiling up at me and asked me if I was happy and if that was what I wanted. I just removed my clothes and lay down beside her and kissed her deeply. I loved her so much I couldn't contain myself. We continued to kiss and she told me a little about her time with Jim.

She said he fucked a lot different than me and his cock felt a lot different. Not better or worse, just different. She said his circumcised dick felt a lot different than mine and that he took shorter strokes and not as deep but there was more friction. She said he had a really big head on his dick and that it felt really good. She said she almost came again when he came.

It wasn't long before I was kissing my way down her neck and to her breasts. I noticed a few small hickies close to her erect nipples. She was still soaring on that high just preceding orgasm and her breaths were deep and quick. I loved watching her breasts rise and fall as I made my way a little lower. I felt around Pam's pussy and found it covered with cum inside and out. It was very obvious Jim had left very large pussy creampie inside her.

Messy Pussy CreampieI wanted a peak closer at her pussy when Pam started to peak out again and grabbed my head, pulling my mouth hard against her pussy as she came. It was so sudden that I could not resist and in the heat of the moment, began to eat her pussy creampie as I have never done before. I was actually having to swallow from all the pussy creampie that was flooding from her. It was the most exotic experience of my life. I was eating the pussy creampie from a friend. Pam's orgasm seemed to last forever but she relaxed her hold on my head just long enough for me to reposition myself and slide my cock inside her. It felt unlike anything I'd ever felt before. She was very hot, wet and slick and it felt fantastic. Unfortunately, it felt so good that I couldn't hold off and came after a short time. I was glad Pam had already gotten off twice so she wasn't too disappointed in such pussy creampie. It was a fantastic experience and I felt so close to her that we slept in each others arms all night. Before we drifted to sleep, she smiled at me and asked me what I thought of her fucking Jim while she sucked on me at the same time. I started getting hard all over again.

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